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-speak German

Private German lessons and
online courses via Skype.
Learn to speak German.

  • private German lessons  - online with teacher
  • flexible teaching time
  • affordable prices
  • start at any time
  • free trial lesson

About us

We are small team, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The standard of life here is the reason for our low-cost German language course. Moreover we want to provide best value for money. Even not native German speaker, we are familiar with both languages - English and German, to make our service qualitative. Some of us have lived and studied in Switzerland.


Our mission is to teach you German in fast and efficient way. Our vision is to gain satisfied customers. Do not ask yourself anymore how to speak German, just do it, because the oral communication in German is priority for us. Try our online German lessons for free. Speak German with us.




Learn German in fast and efficient way
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