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-speak German

Private German lessons and
online courses via Skype.
Learn to speak German.

  • private German lessons - online with teacher
  • flexible teaching time
  • affordable prices
  • start at any time
  • free trial lesson

German coursebooks

Schritte International - the best textbook for learning German, perfectly suitable for beginners, leads step by step, in six parts to level B1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages


The coursebook is well-structured and easy to follow. The four language skills - listening, speaking, writing and reading are incorporated. Each level (A1, A2 and B1) is split into two, so you can join the right one for you. If you have gaps, some points will be explained additional. 


At advanced level, beginning with B1+ we prefer Aspekte, although we work also with many different resources. The aim is to find attractive subjects for discussion, that will be of course in German. Listening and speaking are the main activities. At this stage we will expect, that you are familiar with the German grammer if you join such a level.


There are dozens of good textbooks, so we are able to integrate ather, if you hafe any specific preferenses.






Aspekte - coursebooks for advanced level
Schritte international - coursebooks for elementary and intermediate level

You can determine your level by doing one of the following tests and sending us the results. The trial lesson is for example very convenient for it:






Grammer, covered in the particular level:


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