Before starting you have to decide how to learn German:


  • To learn for free and on your own - there are a lot of free German lessons online, so you can find without fail the suitable one for you. But even free, there are also a lot of difficulties with the language and you have to struggle with the German grammar. And the most important thing - you have nobody to speak German with.


  • To take German language course or private German lessons online for example. You only need to learn regularly and to do your homeworks for your progress. You will have teacher to speak German with and he will correct you.


And the best way to learn German is to combine both - you will save time and money. 


Along with computer with Internet access and Skype registration, you need also some english knowledge - since we teach in English at elementary level. So we can explain you the grammar better and make comparison between the both languages. At advanced level the communication will be mainly in the German language.


Finally the most important thing you need - motivation, the learning process is a long term trial.









How it works

Курсове по немски през скайп

You can download here free the newest Skype version for your online German classes.

  • private German lessons  - online with teacher
  • flexible teaching time
  • affordable prices
  • start at any time
  • free trial lesson

Private German lessons and
online courses via Skype.
Learn to speak German.


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