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Private German lessons and
online courses via Skype.
Learn to speak German.

  • private German classes online with tutor
  • flexible teaching time
  • affordable prices
  • start at any time
  • free trial lesson

Online private German lessons via Skype

Online private German lessons via Skype

Learning German online for free and on your own is nowadays very common, but still difficult. Our online German courses and private German lessons are very suitable also for self-study people and those, who are having difficulties while learning German on their own.

Why not learn German online via Skype with private tutor. Common coursebooks along with private teacher are still the best way to learn a foreign language. Textbooks are written by experts, who know the best methods and exercises to help you became fluent. They combine all the four language facilities - reading, speaking, listening, writing. The Skype technology allows all this advantages to be used and to convert them to online classes for your German study. Each class starts usually with German audio lesson to practice your listening and understanding skills. Even beginner you start training your speaking ability. Of course we correct you at the same time. Some grammar is also included during the lesson and will be explained. You have to do also exercises. Homeworks are important part of your studying process and have to be done regularly. You can scan your work and send it before the next lesson

Do not ask yourself how to speak German, just do it wiht us. Speak German with us.

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