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-speak German

Private German lessons and
online courses via Skype.
Learn to speak German.

  • private German lessons - online with teacher
  • flexible teaching time
  • affordable prices
  • start at any time
  • free trial lesson

Learn German online via Skype

Learn German online via Skype with tutor, because this is the easiest and best way to learn German. We offer:


  • Private German lessons via Skype with teacher and online German course with only one or two participants - the most effective way to boost your language skills significant.


  • Focus on the oral conversation - great opportunity for you to practise the German language talkative.


  • Affordable prices - compared to other conventional German language schools, our courses and classes are reasonably priced and provide great value.


  • Starting at any time - as we offer only one to one lessons and small group up to two participants, you can start at any time.


  • Free trial - except free of charge, you will have the chance to check your level.


  • Money back guarantee - if you are not happy with our service you will receive your money back.

Save time and learn how to speak German correctly with our online German lessons. Try for free and book at least five class hours. Start learning German via Skype. You will make the difference. 

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German coursebooks - Schritte international 5
German coursebooks - Schritte international 3

Schritte International - the books for learning German by Hueber, that we trust and strongly recommend. The coursebook guide you in six parts to level B1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Money back guarantee

We want you to be confident that our online German language course are the correct choice for you. If you are not happy with our service you will receive your money back.

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